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Creative wedding scene

poststyle | 2018/7/19 17:06
Respect your parents

  Hug or bow.

  2. Send a bouquet of grateful flowers, offer tea, and send blessings to elders. (own bouquet is required)

  Three parents, two guests, three couples.

  Offer your parents tea.

  5. In order to thank the parents for their kindness in raising children, make a bear doll with the same weight as yourself and give it to the parents.

  Give unexpected gifts to your parents to give them a honeymoon.

  Ii. Cake

  1. On the wedding cake, the cake (blank) books or cake with mounting jam on working on love a symbol (heart or signature), shows that successful run the marathon of love, or by a waiter from next to launch cake cake car equipped with books. The couple took the cake and squeezed it on the book cake.

  2. Pushed the cake entrance, change the dress new common pushes a cart, flowers among the fireworks burst, the middle is only sweet wedding cake, cart stopped in the middle, new parents came to power, please cut the cake together, schematic and has since become a family.

  3. Feed the parents the cake by hand. After cutting the cake, feed the parents the first bite. The newlyweds fed each other cakes.

  The candlelight ceremony

  1. The bride changes her dress and waits at the door. The maid of honor will come in and inform the groom to go to the door and wait for the ceremony to announce the entrance.

  Better candle and handed the couple gun, best man (or mother lit candle gun with a match together by both parties, means the continuation of the family line) the couple were holding the candle stick closely to enter, lit each table of small candlestick, finally went to the front of the candelabra, lit candles.

  The host brings in new people. The bride and groom into the venue, flower stands on both sides of cold fireworks foil candle atmosphere, the couple went to the stage for ignition, in has the candles lit candelabra spark ignition point, in turn, lit the candle on the candlestick every desk, and then came to ignite a symbol of the good love fireworks main candle.

  3. At the beginning of the candlelight ceremony (at this time, all lights will be turned off), the couple will use a tray, distribute the candle cups lit in advance to each table (the couple should walk together), and finally light the main candle on the stage.

  4. The master of ceremonies invited guests at each table to send a representative to send blessings (lit small candle cup) to the stage. The maid of honor of the groomsman helped the bride and groom put the small candle cup on the candlestick. MC random guests, please express wish that MC succession, line up and came to power to send greeting guests, as far as possible to ensure the candlelight finish, new light is a symbol of good love Lord candle fireworks, fireworks lit stage control system, the guests lit each table together small candlestick on the cold fireworks, stage the audience interaction, wedding atmosphere.

  5. Make a wish after the happy candle is lit: the gorgeous happy candle is shining brightly after it is lit. The couple puts down the candlestick, puts their hands firmly on their chests and silently makes a wish to each other. Time: about 10-20 seconds.

  6. With a fireworks show yourself: with cold fireworks on the backdrop to spell out the couple's name, or other shape, light or with the remote control, ignition with burning passion painted two person's name, or burning out of the love of the moment.

  7. Everyone has some fireworks blessing: every guest can get a safety fireworks during admission, when the couple making love each other oath, lights, MC please all the guests and the couple also lit up in the hands of the fireworks.

  8. Let parents to participate in the candlelight, light cheese stick by the two mothers, the entry pass new mouth, two fathers push small candle cup fire into the court again, personally assigned to the guest by the couple table, enhance multilateral interaction.

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Romantic words from the groom win the heart at the wedding

poststyle | 2018/7/18 17:04
 I just want to say to you sincerely that I will love you well.

  Dear, although I cannot take care of your past, I thank your parents for taking care of you for 20 X years and marrying me the most beautiful you today. I will spend the rest of my life taking care of you now and in the future, dear, marry me!

  There is a song called "beautiful farewell >". How can parting be beautiful? I will make you happy in the future. Marry me!

  Like, is the subtle love. Love means deep love. I hope we can go home together instead of sending you home.

  Didn't you say that you love more than me, which makes me very wronged. Can you give me some time? I will prove that I love you more. To prove it, you'll be there for the rest of your life. Marry me!

  Dear... We get to know each other for two years, although a recent years work busy, always blows hot and cold half care enough for you, but, my dear, you know, from you and I at the start of the met his girlfriend for the first time, start from the first time I saw your heart beat faster, I know, this time I no escape, hopeless! So marry me, Because I know in my heart, you are the only one for me.

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The pre-wedding preparation process is organized for the wedding

marthatlott | 2018/7/17 18:24
 Wedding countdown: 8-5 months

  1. Determine the date, place, ceremony and wedding reception.

  Determine your wedding budget.

  3. Draft the guest list.

  4. Gather friends and relatives to discuss wedding plans.

  Identify the groomsman and maid of honor.

  6. Determine the marriage holder and the witness.

  7. Set up wedding preparation team.

  8. Hold project launch meeting.

  9. Make wedding plans.

  10. Define the division of labor of the preparation team.

  11. Set wedding photos.

  12. Start to choose the clothes of the bride and groom on the wedding day.

  Wedding countdown: 4 months

  Start choosing a wedding dress for your wedding photos: if you're planning to buy your own wedding dress, you can be a little bit late, but if you're renting it, book it ahead of time, or someone else may come along.

  Note: to prepare for wedding photos, the bride starts to take skin care and the groom takes wedding photos with his hair cut

  1. Select wedding photo studios, buy dresses (domestic), select movie studios, and shop around.

  2. Make an appointment for the shooting date

  3 and take photos

  4, choose

  5, pickup

  6. Printing or painting

  Wedding countdown: 3-2 months

  Book wedding invitations and candy.

  2. Engagement celebration company.

  3. Design and print wedding invitations.

  The bride holds a veil of flowers.

  5. New underwear and wedding shoes.

  Try on bridal outfits and hair styles.

  7. Determine the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and choose dresses for them.

  Contact a travel agency to prepare for a honeymoon. Ask for leave from work.

  9. Confirm the number of wedding cars, drivers, car decoration and other arrangements and negotiate the rental.

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