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The pre-wedding preparation process is organized for the wedding

marthatlott | 2018/7/17 18:24
 Wedding countdown: 8-5 months

  1. Determine the date, place, ceremony and wedding reception.

  Determine your wedding budget.

  3. Draft the guest list.

  4. Gather friends and relatives to discuss wedding plans.

  Identify the groomsman and maid of honor.

  6. Determine the marriage holder and the witness.

  7. Set up wedding preparation team.

  8. Hold project launch meeting.

  9. Make wedding plans.

  10. Define the division of labor of the preparation team.

  11. Set wedding photos.

  12. Start to choose the clothes of the bride and groom on the wedding day.

  Wedding countdown: 4 months

  Start choosing a wedding dress for your wedding photos: if you're planning to buy your own wedding dress, you can be a little bit late, but if you're renting it, book it ahead of time, or someone else may come along.

  Note: to prepare for wedding photos, the bride starts to take skin care and the groom takes wedding photos with his hair cut

  1. Select wedding photo studios, buy dresses (domestic), select movie studios, and shop around.

  2. Make an appointment for the shooting date

  3 and take photos

  4, choose

  5, pickup

  6. Printing or painting

  Wedding countdown: 3-2 months

  Book wedding invitations and candy.

  2. Engagement celebration company.

  3. Design and print wedding invitations.

  The bride holds a veil of flowers.

  5. New underwear and wedding shoes.

  Try on bridal outfits and hair styles.

  7. Determine the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and choose dresses for them.

  Contact a travel agency to prepare for a honeymoon. Ask for leave from work.

  9. Confirm the number of wedding cars, drivers, car decoration and other arrangements and negotiate the rental.

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 Groom's church wedding vows:

poststyle | 2018/7/17 18:07
7. I, XXX, marry you, XXX, be my wife. I greet thee with the truest joy into my life, that we may be one and one. Just as Christ is related to his body, the church, I will be a loving and faithful husband to you. Just as Jesus Christ is my head to look after and help me, I am willing to be your head from now on, to look after and to help you. I promise to take care of you with the deepest make love, with the most complete heart, and take care of you with the gentlest attitude. I promise that you are second only to god in my life. I promise that I will lead our life into a life filled with Jesus Christ's faith, hope and love. Whether it is peace and prosperity ahead or threats and obstacles, let us grow old together under the word of god. On this holy day of marriage, before god and all, I promise you that I will always be a loving and faithful husband to you.

  8, XXX, I love you, I also know that this love comes from god. So I would like to be your husband and serve god with you. I promise that I will always be faithful and love you, no matter through the trials of my present and future life. I promise that I will lead you and protect you in this life and this life just as Christ loves the church. God's word shows us this example of love, that Jesus Christ gave his life to love the church. With god's help, I will try to show this love to you, because I know that we will share this life together in the Lord.

  Groom's church wedding vows:

  9, XXX, and when we stand in front of god and the people, mutual set off, I want to let the people know, because god's love for me, I see god in my life the most important position. He has chosen me to be his people. I also know that he blessed me and gave me your life as a gift from god. By such know XXX in any environment, I promise to god's love to love you, by the grace of god is rich, I would like to meet your needs, take you, just as god led me. When I asked you to marry me, my heart was like psalm 34, verse 3: "magnify Jehovah with me and exalt his name together."

  10. In front of the god who brings us together, I XXX, marry you XXX as my wife, I will love you and cherish you just as Christ loves the church and gives himself to the church. From now on, I will lead you, share my life with you, and follow god through the journey of life. Through the grace of god, XXX, we can grow up together and have the image of Jesus Christ, our savior.

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 Filled with joy in heaven, shining moonlight

marthatlott | 2018/7/16 19:13
Today, on behalf of the church, I extend my heartfelt wishes to you with a heart of joy and Thanksgiving. May god bless you that your love is higher and longer than the heavens above, that your love is deeper and wider than the depths of the sea!

  Marriage is established by god, and a good marriage is given by god. May our god give you and your family all the blessings of heaven and all the blessings of the earth.

  At this time of gladness and rejoicing, may god guide your marriage, like a river flowing to the sea, into one body, not two, but surging and growing!

  May your love be fairer than beauty's. More fragrant than cream; Sweeter than the honey dripping from the hive; And more precious than the most expensive treasure!

  May your sincere fire of love, like the rising sun, grow stronger and stronger over time. Let the waters not be extinguished, nor the floods drown!

  With a scarlet marriage certificate, may your love life be like the fruit of a FIG tree. And as the vine blossoms and perfumes itself, as a witness of the sweet smell of Christ, and as the firmament of the heavens declare every day and night the works and the glory of god!

  May your life be as beautiful as the psalms, as wise as the proverbs, as devout as the ecclesiastes, and as harmonious as the book of songs!

  You are made for each other by nature, and the earth is made for each other.

  May you two love each other dearly, love each other forever, and love each other more each day!

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Chinese style wedding red envelope greetings

poststyle | 2018/7/16 15:06
 By the time your friends get married again, you may have been invited to a friend's wedding ceremony. Ready red packets waiting to talk about the wedding ceremony, most people will think of the word "red bomb", namely the meaning of the red bags, married a red envelope to become citizens recognize and accept the way of a kind of blessing, actually the size of the red envelope in addition to express a heart accident, more time is a kind of the established way, how to let the couple can quickly remember the red envelope is also an art that you sent today wed114 married small charged to recommend a way to make new people by red envelope quickly remember yourself.

  Good is often the case in the package of new people after a red envelope, the owner of the red envelopes will be in the back of a red envelope, write your own signature name and date, and if you want to let the couple can remember herself quickly by a red envelope, best method is to make a special red packets containing his stereo image, and wrote a contain their name on the back of the red envelopes of orz poetry, both expressed heartfelt blessing of new people at the same time, also can let the couple due to special fast remember yourself. Here's a look at some of the most traditional and commonly used wedding blessings in the world.

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